Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rails Tutorials

Here are a few beginner tutorial about Ruby on Rails:

  • has_many :through tutorial by byrnejb: "What I want to do is have three tables: movies, dancers and their join table that I called dancer_movies. The main goal of this exercise is to be able to add dancers directly via a drop down that lists all dancers from the database (and the number of dances they appeared in in that movie) when creating a new movie entry."
  • Rails 2.1 Tutorial by Tutorials Point.
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial on Rails Wiki to get a basic Rails application running.
  • Tutorial on using the Ruby MySQL Module by Paul Dubois.
  • Hpricot interface to using Libxml. Hpricot is a user friendly XML parser for Ruby but Libxml is blazing fast. This tutorial shows how you can implement a hpricot like interface to using libxml.
  • Parsing XML with Ruby: This tutorial by John Nunemaker shows how you can parse XML using Hpricot, libxml and REXML. Example parsing of Twitter and feeds is shows.
  • REXML tutorial for parsing XML
  • Parsing XML using Ruby: A tutorial by Yahoo

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Back to Ruby

My apologies to readers of this blog for not posting on this blog for more than a year. Since June 2006, I was working for the 13th largest website in the world (based on traffic) with more than 4 billion page views a month. There was little to no use of Ruby at my previous employment as it was primarily a Java shop. I gained a lot of scalability experience working for them. In July of this year, I left my job to join a very promising new startup that's working on a disruptive technology (more on this later).

One of the good things about my new job is that we are primarily a Ruby shop, so you can definitely expect more postings :).

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