Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What the people want

These are some questions I have received about what people want to learn about Ruby on Rails, after I asked what people were interested in a post made yesterday to my MySQL blog entitled, Pro Rails and Applied Ruby on Rails: What do you want to learn? Please don't hesitate to send me your own questions and topics about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and AJAX you would like to see covered in my upcoming book Pro Rails and Applied Ruby on Rails. Send questions to softwareengineer99 at yahoo dot com.

· How to install rails
· How to start an application
· What should I be familiar with before starting?
· How to install plugins (gems)
· How long will it take me to learn
· how to make a blog application
· how to make a forum application
· how to make a messaging system
· how to make a tagging system
· what if I don’t know OO?
· Is ROR different than Ruby?
· How do I connect to databases in Ruby OR
· What databases can I use with ROR?
· How do I paginate documents in ROR
· How do I made a class?
· What is a class?
· What are attributes?
· What are variables?
· What are functions?
· What is MVC
· What are models?
· What are views?
· What are controllers?
· How are they used together?
· How do I validate things in ROR?
· What is HABTM?
· will my application work on multiple browsers
· can I use ROR on a Mac? Windows? Linux?
· Can I scale my application?
· What are normalized tables
· How do I make normalized tables?
· can I use ROR with more than one database?
· how do I use AJAX with ROR
· What is AJAX?
· What is Ajax used for?
· Is there a ROR community to turn to for help?
· What is a Rails Engine?
· How can I use a Rails Engine?
· Do I need special hosting service to have a ROR application on the web?
· What are some tools I can use to learn ROR?
· What are some good websties about ROR?
· What port does ROR run on?
· Can I use ROR with apache?
· Can I use ROR with lighttpd?
· What are relationships?
· What is a many to many relationship?
· What is a one to many relationship?
· Where would I use a JOIN?
· How can I search and retrieve data in ROR?
· How do I insert data into databases with ROR?
· What is tagging?
· What is Web 2.0?
· How can I make text editable without reloading the page?
· How can I use AJAX to make the page not have to reload to login?
· What is JRuby?
· How do I make elements draggable?

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